The Mission of the Belvidere Planning Department is to Coordinate a Vision of Growth for the City of Belvidere that incorporates the Need of the Community for Balanced, Controlled and Smart growth.  To Communicate that Vision to the Citizens while Guiding the development community towards the goals of that Vision.

On May 7, 2019, the City of Belvidere approved the Downtown Façade Grant Program. This program is designed to enhance the overall appearance and image of Belvidere’s downtown areas. A property owner or tenant may be eligible for a 50/50 match up to $5,000 for improvements made to the exterior of their property. Facades wider than 50 feet may apply for up to $7,500 in grant money. Please contact Gina DelRose in the Community Development Department for further information.



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Comprehensive Plan 

The Belvidere Planning and Zoning Commission is tasked with reviewing the Comprehensive Plan in order to decide if amendments need to be made.  The last major update was approved in 2006.  The Comprehensive Plan Map can be found HERE. The full text version can be view in the Planning Department’s Office.

Land Use Planning

The Department provides staffing for the City of Belvidere and the Village of Poplar Grove.  The Planning and Zoning Commissions for the municipalities, under the guidance of the department, review plans and provide input during their creation and amendments. Examples of those plans include:

  • The Belvidere-Boone County Comprehensive Plan
  • Flora Neighborhood Plan
  • Belvidere Downtown Transit Plan


The main tools for bringing the long term visions outlined in the various plans for the area to fruition are the zoning and subdivision ordinances.  The City of Belvidere and the Village of Poplar Grove each have their own unique zoning and subdivision ordinances.  The City of Belvidere and the Village of Poplar Grove Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances are available for review by clicking the link and searching the title:

City of Belvidere Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 150 of the Municipal Code)

City of Belvidere Subdivision Ordinance (Chapter 151 of the Municipal Code)

Zoning Verification Letters:

Zoning Verification Letters may be purchased from the Planning Department for $25 per PIN.  Zoning Verification letters will state the zoning of the property along with an excerpt from the Zoning Ordinance.


Application for Variance

Special Use Application

Text Amendment Application

Rezoning Application

Subdivision Application

Annexation Petition



Zoning Maps are available for viewing here.

Other Projects

Often times the Department is asked to assist or coordinate other projects that may not fall under the heading of land use planning or zoning.  Some examples of ongoing or completed projects include:

  • Regional Stormwater Management
  • Census/ American Community Survey
  • Belvidere Historic Preservation Commission
  • Belvidere Heritage Days



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Planner: Gina DelRose