City of Belvidere Renews Electric Aggregation Program for 2016

Press Release January 19, 2016

The City of Belvidere established an electric aggregation savings program in the summer of 2012 following the passage of a voter referendum. Aggregation programs enable the City to shop for electric rates for its residents that are lower than Commonwealth Edison’s. In that initial program which expired in 2014, the average participating resident saved $388, for a City-wide cumulative savings of $2.3 million.

At the expiration of the two-year contract, bids received by the City were above the ComEd default rate. The Mayor, therefore, suspended the aggregation program, sending residents home accounts back to ComEd to enjoy that lower rate.

The City continued to monitor the electric markets and recently accepted a competitive bid to renew the program for an 18-month term with Dynegy Energy at a fixed rate of 6.311¢ per kWh. This compares favorably to the current ComEd rate of 6.987¢. All Belvidere residents and small commercial businesses will receive a notice of the program to be mailed January 20.

Ratepayers currently enrolled with an alternative energy supplier will receive notices, simply informing them of the program. That group will not be automatically enrolled, but may choose to sign up, per directions in the notice.

Most residents are not currently enrolled with an alterative supplier (other than ComEd) and will receive the standard opt-out notice. For them to participate, no action is needed to enroll in the program. Service will automatically switch from ComEd to Dynegy at March meter readings, to be reflected on ComEd bills received in April. Recall that ComEd does all billing regardless of the supply company a resident has selected.

For more information about customer choice, visit the website established by the Illinois Commerce Commission: The customer service number for Dynegy is 844-351-7691. Residents with special issues may call the City’s aggregation consultant, NIMEC at 800-727-3820. When calling NIMEC, leave your call back number and you will be contacted almost immediately, or within 24 hours.