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City of Belvidere
Department of Public Works


June 8, 2018

401 Whitney Boulevard, Suite 200

Belvidere, Illinois 61008

815-544-9256 FAX: 544-4255



Street From  To
Newburg Road   Ispen Shaw
West 4th Street 10th Ave


Distillery Road Bus 20 River Run
Gateway Center Chrysler  FarmingtonWay
Willow St Warren  End
East 2nd St Fremont Caswell
Van Buren St Lincoln Menomonie
Blaine St Madison Jackson
Bennett  St Lincoln Menomonie
Glen Elms Dr Freemont Whitney
CedarDale Dr Elmwood Bellwood
9th Ave 6th St 9th St
Maryland Ct Rebecca Appleton

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Boone County Health Department Survey

 Business Registration License 

Ordinance 361H - Amending Chapter 26, buiness of the City of Belvidere Municipal Code  - Click Here


Business Registration License Application - Click Here

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