City of Murals

Upcoming Events

Fri Nov 28 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Mon Dec 01 @ 7:00PM -
City Council Meeting
Mon Dec 08 @ 6:00PM -
Committee of the Whole
Tue Dec 09 @ 6:00PM -
Planning and Zoning Commission
Mon Dec 15 @ 7:00PM -
City Council Meeting
Mon Dec 22 @ 6:00PM -
Committee of the Whole
Tue Dec 23 @ 5:30PM -
Historic Preservation Commission
Mon Jan 05 @ 7:00PM -
City Council Meeting
Tue Jan 13 @ 6:00PM -
Planning and Zoning Commission
Mon Jan 19 @ 7:00PM -
City Council Meeting

Citizen Corps Council

Our Citizen Corps Council will focus on preparedness and emergency response and will strive to enhance community programs already in effect. The council is made up of the Belvidere Family YMCA, the Rock River Chapter of the American Red Cross, ALERTA (an organization who represents the Hispanic culture in Belvidere), the Boone County Sheriff's Department, the Belvidere Fire and Police Departments, Boone County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and corporate support from General Mills/Green Giant and Chrysler Daimler.

Join the City of Belvidere Citizen Corps

Each volunteer will be entered into a database that has been devised for tracking training needs, training received, areas of special interest and any special licenses/certification and skills the volunteer may have. We can then use this information to refer the volunteer to the agency that may require the skills, training, etc.

It is our goal to have a pool of volunteers available for specific needs that may arise in our community as well as the capability to deploy volunteers to other communities if the need should occur. We plan for this program to be ongoing and meaningful as well as teach skills that one may use in their life. Our core group for the purpose of this meeting is made up of the organizations mentioned above for the purpose of manageability; however, we do plan to include the faith groups, schools, service clubs and other organizations. If you have any questions, please call Mayor Frederic Brereton at (815-544-2612) or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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